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How to pick the ideal growth hacking course for yourself

Taking a growth hacking course is the ideal choice for anyone looking to invest in a booming career in the digital field.

With the explosion of digital businesses, companies have been competing hard to hire talented growth professionals.

And it has been pushing wages up. 

Today it’s easy to find growth hackers with a few years of experience earning R$ 15,000.00 in different businesses.

See for yourself: 

But with so many options out there in the market, how do you pick the best growth hacking course for yourself?

This post will answer the main questions related to this topic to help you to make the best decision for your career. Check it out:

  1. Growth hacking course content 
  2. Is it a hands-on course?
  3. Course quality and format 
  4. What about the instructor’s background?
  5. Extra materials and bonuses 
  6. What students are saying?
  7. Course pricing 
  8. Does it provide a certificate

In anticipation, I will also introduce you to the Definitive Growth Hacking course, which is one of the first and most recognized in Brazil. Are you ready?

The growth hacking course content

A good course needs to teach you that growth hacking is a method made of hypotheses and experiments throughout multiple marketing channels.

Thus, the growth hacking method involves disciplines such as marketing, data analysis, engineering and consumer psychology. 

Therefore, a good course should address:

  1. The growth hacking mindset 
  2. The importance of product-market fit 
  3. The growth hacking funnel
  4. Key growth metrics 
  5. Best channels and how to choose them
  6. Consumer psychology techniques applied to product and marketing
  7. Give practical examples and its outcomes
  8. As I said, the Growth Hacking Ultimate is designed to meet all these requirements in the initial five modules. Check below:

Module 1

1. Introduction to Growth Hacking
2. Growth Hacking Mindset: Culture and Processes
3. Data Marketing
4. Product Market-Fit
5. Growth Metrics: CAC, LTV, Churn

Module 2

7. The growth Hacking funnel [AARRR]
8. Acquisition
9. Activation
10. Retention
11. Revenue
12. Referral

Module 3

13. [Traction] 19 + 1 channels to attract users
14. Viral Content, PR, and PR Stunts
15. Search ads, display and social media, offline ads
16. SEO, content marketing, email marketing, and engineering for marketing
17. Member get a member + influencers

Module 4

18. Bullseye framework
19. ICE framework
20. Hook model: the neuroscience of growth
21. Hook analyzed: Tinder, Pinterest, and NuBank

Module 5

22. [Growth Matrix] Different Businesses = Different Channels
23. Hacks analyzed: Dropbox, Airbnb, Hubspot, and Paypal
24. Upworthy: How to manipulate emotions to grow in record time
25. The Amazon knockout hack
26. Top Secret: 9 startups processes and tools 

2. Is it a hands-on course?

But beyond the theoretical and analytical basis, a good growth hacker needs to be hands-on.

And to be empowered, you need to learn the fundamentals of managing Google Analytics and data analysis to run your experiments.

Therefore, Definitive Growth Hacking has three other practical modules:

Data Collection

  • How to Install Google Analytics the easy way
  • Google Search Console key features

Data Analysis

  • How to clean, handle, and visualize data

Data-driven optimizations

  • How to track user behavior to make optimizations 
  • How to create tests A/B tests for all your marketing assets

Therefore, when you decide on your course, consider whether you are buying a course that will teach you how to be autonomous or if it is a course that will make you dependent on other professionals to carry out your projects. This is very important.

2. Course quality and format

The form and quality of your growth hacking course content is another key point for your training.

It is important to know where the instructor went to get references to develop his material, how he organizes his logical thinking, if the content leads you to generate valuable insights, etc.

In the Ultimate Growth Hacking course, we aim to meet all of these requirements by delivering the highest quality content using the best possible design.

Have a look:

curso growth hacking
curso growth hacking prático

Want to learn more? Check out the Definitive Growth Hacking course now.